Infrastructure Services

The data on infrastructure services, collected by ECLAC from official national sources, offer information and statistics on infrastructure endowment as well as its performance, and transport and logistics services in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Data include information on: provision of infrastructure, modal split, international transport costs, among others, reaching back as far as the year 2000.

Below you can select from a range of pre-built indicators in various areas. After choosing a specific mode and indicator, a new menu for selecting data for one or more countries will appear. To select additional countries, simply type the name into the text field next to the already selected country and select the additional country from the drop down menu.

You can also create customized indicators, graphs and maps by clicking the "Customize" button. Under this option you have the possibility to build your own indicators by combining available information (e.g. road fatalities per capita). Please note that the customize options is not available on devices with low resolution or smaller screens.

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